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How do you know Panimalar Engineering College? *
How was your ward admitted to PEC? *
Primary reason to select Mechanical Engineering branch at PEC?
Are any of your other wards doing Under Graduate course in Engineering?If Yes, Pls. Specify the College Name & Branch Name. *
Very Good
Not satisfactory
Institution imparts basic knowledge on science and engineering
Institution provides best environmental for learning
Institution kept me well informed about my wards progress
Graduates contribution to be industry and society
Customozing graduates to use modern engineering tools and software programs
Encouragement for student to participate in various Co- curricular activities
Ability to implement complex systems to face new challenges
Institute inculcated the interest for pursuing research activities
Institution instilled the need for professional development
Additional training for higher studies
Institute encourage the students to take inter disciplinary projects
Institute - Industry tie up
Career development, Ethics and Morality
Discipline in the campus
Development of team work and leardership attributes
Personality and Communication skills development facilities
Facilities for sports and extra curricular activities
General ambience of the institute
Transport Facilities
Mess Facilities
Did this college motivate your ward to do his/ her best
Is this college supportive and initiative for fulfilling your dream about your ward?
Do you feel that your ward can communicate effectively in his professional life?
Would you encourage a high school senior who resembles your child (same background, abilities, interests and temperament) to join your child’s college?
Do you think that value added courses conducted in the Department are useful form employment point of view?
Is your ward feels comfortable talking to his/her teachers about problems he/she may be having?
7.What is your preferred method of communication? *
8. What has most pleased you about your child’s college/university? *
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9. What are your suggestions for increasing student engagement and motivation in order to improve attendance, lower the dropout rate, and increase graduation rates? *
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10. Please add any other comments which will help department to cater needs of future graduates: *
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