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1. Laboratory Facilities *
2. Library Facilities *
3. Computing & Internet facilities *
4. Qualification of Faculty members *
5. Teaching/Learning facilities *
6. Technical Skills Development *
7. Placement Opportunities *
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10. Opportunities of co-curricular activities *
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17. Parental involvement *
18. General ambience of the Institute *
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20. Mess facilities *
1. Did this college motivate your ward to do his/ her best *
2. Is this college supportive and initiative for fulfilling your dream about your ward? *
3. Do you feel that your ward can communicate effectively in his professional life? *
4. Would you encourage a high school senior who resembles your child (same background, abilities, interests and temperament) to join your child’s college? *
5. What is your preferred method of communication? *
6. Do you think that value added courses conducted in the Department are useful form employment point of view? *
7. Is your ward feels comfortable talking to his/her teachers about problems he/she may be having? *
8. What has most pleased you about your child’s college/university? *
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9. What are your suggestions for increasing student engagement and motivation in order to improve attendance, lower the dropout rate, and increase graduation rates? *
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