Temple Isaiah Family Services
We are looking into creating a family service, and we want to know what you would want to see. Please take 5 minutes to respond to the questions so we can create a service that is meaningful for you and your children! Thank you!!
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Do you and your family currently attend tot shabbat?
Do you and your family currently attend Shir Joy services?
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Are you and your family interested in attending family services?
If you are not interested in attending family services, why not?
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How often could you and your family commit to attending a family service?
What is the ideal time for a family service for you and your family?
Would you be interested in a dinner before or after services?
Would you be interested in helping implement the family shabbat service?
As we implement a family service, which of the following services would your family stop attending? (select all that apply)
What would you like to see in a family service? (select all that apply)
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