Debating Trophy Hunting
Watch the CNN Video titled Trophy Hunting: A Bad Conservation Strategy, and the Adam Ruins Everything Video on Trophy Hunting and answer the series of questions below.

Adam Ruins Everything -
CNN - 
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1. While watching each video right down the arguments that support each position. If they discuss counterarguments feel free to record them in the opposing section
Arguments for Trophy Hunting (4 each) *
Arguments against Trophy Hunting (4 each) *
2. Take a stance – Come up with your own stance on whether or not you think Trophy Hunting should be allowed.
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Explain why you believe that: *
Identify a piece of evidence that supports your stance and explain how. *
3. Explain one step that can be taken at each level to ensure responsible trophy hunting practices.
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Nationally: *
Internationally: *
How can NGOs and Zoos help to ensure responsible trophy hunting practices? *
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