SCS Post Bond Survey
On the November 5th general election, voters in the Schoolcraft Community School District defeated a $39.9 million dollar bond proposal. If it had been approved, it would have funded a variety of improvements to the schools and facilities. The school district would like to learn more about the failed bond by asking questions of the stakeholders. Please assist by completing the following survey. It is anonymous and will take about 5 minutes of your time.
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How did you vote?
If Yes, what were the main reason why you voted Yes on the bond proposal? (Only for Yes Votes)
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If No, what were the main reasons why you voted No on the bond proposal? (Only for No Votes)
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Thinking about the bond proposal, in your opinion, should Schoolcraft Community Schools:
If Schoolcraft Community Schools places a new bond proposal before voters, what are the one or two most important improvements or features that should be included in a bond proposal?
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Are there any improvements or features from this bond proposal that should not be included in a new bond proposal?
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Do you have any additional thoughts or recommendations for the board as they consider next steps?
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Would you consider being a part of a committee to work on next steps? If yes, please provide your name, email address and phone number.
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