CLEP/Honors Contract Spring 2021
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College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Spanish with Writing Proficiency Level 2 Information
Beyond the Honors expectations, this course's end exam will be the CLEP Spanish with Writing Proficiency exam.

The coursework will follow the provided syllabus of in order for students to receive this test with no additional charge to them (normally $89 & then the testing site charges an additional administration fee of $25).

With achieving scores, students have the opportunity to earn up to a total of 12 semester hours of college credit to go towards their university of choice. Over 2,900 universities accept CLEP exam credit.

As long as the CLEP exam is taken this semester for the end of course exam, a student will earn 5 rigor points to their semester grade, rather than the 3 allotted for honors, regardless of the score achieved on the exam.
I. Honors Information
All students at SGCHS should experience a rigorous academic program that prepares them for their post-high school goals. Honors courses are designed to provide additional challenges for highly motivated and skilled students.

Students who enroll in an honors course do so understanding that they will have to meet higher standards of performance than in the corresponding regular class.

● Honors courses require more work outside of class than the corresponding regular
● Honors courses require a higher level of performance in the quality of student work
to earn the same grade in the corresponding regular class.
● Honors courses require more student interdependence and responsibility in the
completion of required work.
II. Honors Expectations
The opportunity to be in an honors course carries with it certain expectations about the capabilities and maturity of honors students. Students are expected:

1. To be independent learners, willing to read, learn, ask questions of the text, pursue outside
reading and research, and integrate and discuss material from diverse sources.
2. To be primarily motivated by an appreciation for the subject and secondarily by GPA.
3. To spend, on average, approximately one hour of outside study for each honors class per
school day.
4. To always turn in assignments on time, as well as come to class in a timely manner, and
take tests when scheduled.
5. To accept that enrollment in an honors course does not guarantee an A or B grade; there
is a possibility of receiving a C or lower grade.
6. To gracefully accept assignments, suggestions, and coaching from the teacher.
III. State of Tennessee Honors Courses Requirements
In the state of Tennessee, Honors courses may have additional points added to grades. To receive these point, students must complete assignments that meet at least five out of the nine criteria listed below:

(i) Extended reading assignments that connect with the specified curriculum.
(ii) Research-based writing assignments that address and extend the course curriculum.
(iii) Projects that apply course curriculum to relevant or real-world situations. These may
include oral presentations, power point, or other modes of sharing findings.
Connection of the project to the community is encouraged.
(iv) Open-ended investigations in which the student selects the questions and designs the
(v) Writing assignments that demonstrate a variety of modes, purposes, and styles.
(I) Examples of mode include narrative, descriptive, persuasive, expository, and expressive.
(II) Examples of purpose include: to inform, entertain, and persuade
(III) Examples of style include formal, informal, literary, analytical, and technical.
(vi) Deeper exploration of the culture, values, and history of the discipline.
(vii) Extensive opportunities for problem solving experiences through imagination, critical
analysis, and application.
(viii) Job shadowing experiences with presentations which connect class study to the world
of work.

All course types which meet the above framework will be classified as honors, eligible for the addition of three points to all grades that figure directly into the course average.

Spanish III Honors curriculum will utilize, but not be limited to, the following five:
o Extended reading beyond the textbook from excerpts of multiple novels.
o Application of Spanish language & culture to current, relevant, real-world situations,
with connections to our local communities through various research projects &
o Informative, persuasive, &/or creative writing in Spanish &/or English
o Analytical & practical exploration of Hispanic cultures (perspectives [values],
practices, & products)
o Technological integration for a flipped classroom where content is studied before
class meets & discussed in class & integration of different apps or websites

Upon request, parents/guardians shall have the ability to inspect the following items: instructional materials; teaching materials; teaching aids; handouts; and tests that are developed by and graded by their student’s teacher. Parents wishing to inspect such materials should contact the building level principal & teacher in writing.
IV. Honors Contract
Students who enroll in an honors course and their parent/guardian must agree to the following conditions:

1. I recognize that to earn the same grade as students in regular classes, I have to
demonstrate more independence and responsibility, as well as meet high
standards of performance. Honors classes typically have more assignments
outside of class.

2. I agree to uphold South Gibson County High School’s honor code. I understand
that I will be subject to the consequences listed in the honor code section of
the SGCHS Handbook if it is proven that cheating, plagiarism, or any other
misrepresentation of the truth has happened.

3. I understand that to receive the additional three points on my grade, I must complete
all assignments that help to meet five of the nine honors level requirements set
forth by the state of Tennessee. I further understand that if assignments are not
completed, or are not completed in a timely manner, the three points will not be
added to the grade.
Parental & Student Signature/Agreement
By filling out the below section, I am electronically signing that I have read, I understand, & I agree to adhere to the policies, procedures, & expectations of this Honors Contract.
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