2021 YMCA Summer Meal Staff Interest Form
YMCA of Jamestown
Interest form for staff interested in returning or applying to work with our YMCA Summer Meal program. We are looking for cause driven leaders to work in a variety of seasonal staff roles including part time (20-30 hours) and 2 40 hours/week positions between the weeks of June 21st and August 31st. This is a fast moving team that produced 47,500 meals over 10 weeks in 2020 and is anticipating another busy summer. This is an interest form. Should you be granted an interview you will be required to complete a traditional application.
1. Meal Server/Preparer (approximately 25-30 hours/week): Hours scheduled between 6am to 2pm. Typical duties include preparing meals in the morning and location at a meal service site to serve meals to children and families. Moderate lifting required.

2. Delivery Lead(40 hours/week): In cooperation with the Food Program Director, Lead Cook, and Meal prep Leader. This person will handle the logistics behind pickup of supplies and delivery of meals to program and meal service sites. Must be an organized leader and capable driver. Will need to lift and pack vehicles with coolers. Hours are generally between 7 to 3:30 Monday-Friday. Responsible for the delivery of 500-1000 daily meals to 10-15 locations. Heavy lifting required.

3. Meal Prep/Site Monitoring Lead (40 hours/week): Responsible for guiding the meal preparation process as well as offering assistance to the Delivery Leader and the Lead Cook (serves as additional help and back up to both). Must have capabilities related to both meal preparation as well as ability to drive. Will take responsibility for site monitoring to ensure that all sites are serving according to proper guidelines. Heavy lifting required.
Are you available for all weekdays between June 28th-August 31st.
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If applicable please list any exceptions:
Are you a current YMCA staff member?
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Do you have previous experience working with Y meal programs?
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