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Which science education company leverages 90+ years of innovation and technology to to support online lab science courses? *
How many universities trust GoReact for student video submissions? *
This company got its name from the Center for Innovative Design & Instruction at Utah State University. *
Which sponsor brings the best owl mascot to OLC conferences? *
D2L's Brightspace is the learning platform built for people/faculty who care deeply about _____ *
How does Mediasite technology help you solve the hybrid learning puzzle, successfully equipping your classrooms for an engaging and personalized learning experience for students in-person and from a distance? *
You probably know Formstack as the workplace productivity platform helping universities replace outdated paper processes with powerful digital workflos. But, have you heard of their adopted donkey? Look for the answer on Formstack's Higher Education page fo find his name. *
This sponsor platform is 'stunningly simple'. *
Which company is 100% women-owned and offers online student success workshops? *
What is HHMI BioInteractive's tagline? *
How long it takes to get an instructor up and running using CogBooks adaptive courseware in Biology, History, Physics or Psychology *
Cengage launched the only subscription for textbooks and study tools in 2018. What is the name of this offering? *
What does SmarterMeasure-Learning Readiness Indicator measure? *
OLC is the leading professional organization devoted to:
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Capsim is an education technology company that.... * partners with....? *
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