Andrew Korson Photography Workshop Form
Contract Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions shall apply in respect to all photographic workshop bookings made with Andrew Korson Photography and will form the basis of your contract with Andrew Korson Photography.

1. This Contract is entered into by Andrew Korson Photography and the Client.

2. This contract is accompanied by a completed “Workshop Booking Form”, (Below) which shall be read in conjunction with and shall form as an integral part of this Contract.


3. The total fee payable shall be dependent upon the workshop package selected by the Client in completing the Workshop Booking Form, which details the fees payable for each booking option. The Client is required to select one of the listed workshops at the time of making the booking.

4. The fee arrangements for the Auckland City Skyline Photography workshop are as follows:

a. At the time of booking, the Client shall pay the total fee, coinciding with the workshop they wish to attend, in return for which Andrew Korson Photography shall reserve a place for the Client on the selected workshop date and time. A confirmation email will be sent to the Client within forty eight (48) hours by Andrew Korson Photography upon receiving payment.

b. No later than two (2) calendar days before the workshop start date, the Client shall pay the outstanding amount of the total fee in full.

c. If the Client is booking within two (2) calendar days of the workshop start date, full payment will be required at the time of booking.

6. If the Client does not make full payment as it falls due in accordance with the terms of Clauses 3 above, Andrew Korson Photography reserves the right to cancel the booking, terminate this Contract.

7. Upon completing this form you will be given a link to make your payment. Payments can be made via bank transfer (preferred) or credit card via PayPal. All payments should be made in New Zealand Dollar (NZD).

Cancellation by the Client

8. Should the Client need to cancel a workshop booking, then it is their sole responsibility to do so by email or phone. The Client must ensure that this instruction has been received by Andrew Korson Photography. Andrew Korson Photography will personally contact the Client to discuss the cancellation and make any necessary efforts to reschedule.

9. The cancellation policy for Andrew Korson Photography's workshops is as follows:

a. If a cancellation is made prior to one (1) day before the workshop start date, Andrew Korson Photography will provide a full refund or make efforts to reschedule the workshop.

b. If a cancellation is made within twenty four hours (24) before the workshop start date and the client does not wish to reschedule, Andrew Korson Photography will refund fifty percent (50%) minus a fifty per cent (50%) fee.

11. All reasonable efforts will be made to reschedule any cancelled workshop dates to the satisfaction of the Client and Andrew Korson Photography, but cannot be guaranteed. If the Client cancels a workshop for any period prior to twenty four (24) hours prior to the workshop start time they shall be fully re-funded by Andrew Korson Photography.

12. Where a partial or full refund is to be provided by Andrew Korson Photography, the amount due shall be returned to the Client, minus any fees incurred by using an online processor such as Paypal or bank transfer.

13. Workshop bookings are non-transferable between participants and/or workshops.

14. If the Client fails to arrive at the designated meeting place for the workshop longer than twenty five (25) minutes past the start point, this will be treated as a cancellation by the Client and no refund will be provided by Andrew Korson Photography.

Description of Services

15. Andrew Korson Photography will provide photographic tuition as outlined in the relevant workshop package. The workshop package selected is described on the price list in effect at the date this Contract is signed.

16. Andrew Korson Photography reserves the right to change the workshop itinerary due to altered circumstances and conditions. Andrew Korson Photography will make alternative arrangements as required but no refunds will be given for services or locations that are not utilized as a result.

Limitation of Liability

17. The Auckland Sunset Photography workshop will operate with a minimum of one (1) participating photographer and maximum of four (4) photographers. In the event of the Client’s workshop being cancelled by Andrew Korson Photography for any reason other than non-payment by the Client (Clauses 3 above), the Client’s payment will be refunded in full. If Andrew Korson Photography cancels the Client’s chosen workshop, all reasonable efforts will be made to advise the Client at least two (2) days prior to the workshop start date.

18. If Andrew Korson Photography is unable to operate the Client’s chosen workshop due to any circumstances beyond Andrew Korson Photography’s reasonable control, including (without limitation) natural disasters,force majeure, civil unrest, injury, sickness or technical difficulties, all reasonable efforts will be made by Andrew Korson Photography to arrange an alternative date to the reasonable satisfaction of the Client, although this cannot be guaranteed. Andrew Korson Photography shall have no further liability to the Clients for any additional losses, costs or expenses incurred as a result of any inability to attend under this Clause.

19. If Andrew Korson Photography is unable to operate the Client’s chosen workshop due to any circumstances beyond Andrew Korson Photography’s reasonable control, Andrew Korson Photography’s liability shall be limited to a full refund of monies paid.

20. Andrew Korson Photography’s workshops can involve a moderate amount of walking including uneven terrain and some dim lit areas after sunset. All reasonable efforts will be made by Andrew Korson Photography to ensure the Client’s safety and well-being; however, it is a fundamental condition of booking that the Client accepts the risks and hazards involved in visiting any locations and uneven terrain.

22. It is recommended that all participants be fully insured for the duration of the workshop, particularly with any multi-day photography workshops. Participants are responsible for arranging their own insurance. It is also advisable that the Client should be insured against loss or damage to baggage and personal possessions, including all photographic equipment.

23. Andrew Korson Photography will not accept liability for death, bodily injury or illness incurred on the Client’s chosen workshop. Furthermore, Andrew Korson Photography will not accept responsibility for lack of fitness, carelessness, negligence or lack of punctuality attributable to the Client.

24. If the Client has a disability or illness, he or she should inform Andrew Korson Photography at the time of booking so that Andrew Korson Photography can provide advice on the suitability of the workshop.

25. Personal items, valuables and baggage, including photographic equipment, remain the responsibility of the Client at all times. Andrew Korson Photography will not accept responsibility for any loss of personal items, valuables or baggage, including photographic equipment, during the Client’s chosen workshop.

26. By entering into this Contract, the Client accepts responsibility for any equipment loaned to the Client by Andrew Korson Photography during the Client’s chosen workshop, and the Client must pay for any loss or damage caused to this equipment whilst in his or her possession.

27. It is the Client’s own responsibility to make travel arrangements to workshop starting point. Andrew Korson Photography cannot take responsibility for any travel delays encountered by the Client.

28. Andrew Korson Photography is unable to accept bookings from anyone under eighteen (18) years of age.


31. Andrew Korson Photography will store the Client’s details on a private internal database. These details will not be made available to any companies or individuals out-with Andrew Korson Photography, his employee, and any legal team.

Digital Agreement

32. By completing this online form, the Client hereby agrees to enter into a contract with Andrew Korson Photography as detailed above. Any person making a workshop booking on behalf of another accepts that all persons covered by the booking are bound by this Contract, terms, and conditions. This Contract is subject to normal terms and conditions as a written contract would be.

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