HA22 Invoicing issues & questions
This year we were having dozens of registrations every few minutes and our invoicing system was struggling to keep up! Because of this, some people received incorrect or duplicate invoices, and some people didn't receive any.

Please read the below Q+A, then click 'Next' to submit your query.

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Where was my invoice sent?
Your invoice(s) should have been sent to the "Billing Email" you entered during the last step of registration. If it wasn't, click 'Next' and let us know.
Who was my invoice sent to?
Your invoice is made out to the "Billing Name" you entered during the last step of registration. If there are some issues with this, click 'Next' and let us know.
I want to pay by credit card - do I still need an invoice?
Yes! Your invoice will have a 'Pay Now' button on it that allows you to pay by credit card.
Can I just pay by bank transfer?
Yes! Your invoice has our bank account details on it. Please pay into that account using your invoice number as reference.
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