FMF Volunteer Satisfaction Survey
Thank you for participating in this survey! We are so grateful for the hard work of our volunteers in all capacities of our agency. We want your feedback so that we can continue to develop volunteer opportunities that are fulfilling and impactful for our guests and volunteers.
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Which volunteer opportunity/opportunities have you been a part of with Families Moving Forward? *
Where did you learn about our volunteer opportunities? *
Did you complete an online orientation with Families Moving Forward? *
If yes, how helpful was the online orientation in preparing you for the volunteer opportunity?
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Was any information left out that would have been helpful to know before volunteering? *
Do you agree with the following statement: “I had support and guidance from FMF Staff to accomplish volunteer activities” *
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Do you agree with the following statement: “I understand the role my volunteer service plays into the larger mission of Families Moving Forward” *
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How satisfied did you feel after volunteering? *
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How likely are you to recommend this agency as a volunteer site to others? *
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How can we improve your volunteer experience? *
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