New Hybrid Survey for Secondary Students
New Hybrid Learning Model for CSMS and PVM HS Feedback Survey 2/11/21
This is a new survey about our proposed hybrid model. We need CSMS and PVM parents/guardians to take this even if you completed the last survey, because several parents changed their mind following last Thursday's deadline. We need accurate information because if we select the hybrid model, we will be building bus runs and planning our social distancing in our classrooms based on these exact numbers.

In the previous hybrid survey from last week, we stated on that survey that if you did not submit that survey we had to assume that you wanted to keep everything the same. Now if any parent with a student at CSMS or PVM High School does not submit their survey responses, the district will make every attempt to call you so we can have as close to 100% participation as possible.

We have adjusted to our new learning platform, and the new equipment and training has given us an opportunity to make some adjustments to our original instructional plan different from what we could offer in September. We are exploring the possibility of increasing our in-person instruction at grades 6-12. In doing so, we need some information from each family. Before answering the questions on the survey link below, please be sure to read and understand what the in-person / hybrid learning opportunity will look like. All the same regulations for social distancing, sanitizing, masks, etc. remain in place at this time.

• Students in person, will return to the earlier start times, approximately 7:30 AM for CSMS and 7:45 AM for PVM students. For all learners, both remote and in person, the instructional schedule will increase to approximately 6-7 hours per day. It is not possible to have a hybrid schedule at the middle and high school without changing the length of the current schedule because of the bussing routes.

• In order to adjust and match the in-person schedule, the synchronous virtual schedule will begin earlier as well. Teachers will be teaching simultaneous synchronous lessons. That means, some students will be learning in person in the classroom, while some students will be at home accessing the lesson virtually at the same time. The instructional schedule will begin earlier than it does now.

• This is a very new way of teaching and learning. We anticipate that there will be some bumps in the road as we transition but are confident in our teachers’ abilities to make this work effectively.

• Dismissal will be at 2:25PM for CSMS and 2:47PM for PVM.

Here are some of the things to know PRIOR to deciding if your student(s) will commit to hybrid in-person instruction:

• The instructional day will start at or near its original start and end time CSMS(7:30AM-2:30PM) & PVM (7:45AM-2:47PM).

• The hybrid model will bring learners in person one to two days per week and virtual synchronous ( the same as we have now) instruction will occur the rest of the week. Wednesday learning, in most cases, will be asynchronous.

• We will establish a cohort based on an alphabetic grouping for each rotation. Secondary students in the same household will likely attend on the same days. This may not be the same as the elementary siblings due to secondary scheduling constraints.

• Students will have minimal movement during the day. They will not be able to congregate with peers at any time. There should be no physical or close contact between students.

• Once in the classroom, students will be required to remain seated and masked throughout the class period.

• To reduce the possibility of exposure, no shared materials will be allowed.

• Students and staff will wear a mask throughout the day, with the exception of some specific mask breaks scheduled and while eating lunch. Students who refuse to follow these guidelines will be sent home and required to attend virtually.

• If a student commits to in-person learning, the expectation will be that the student attends unless he or she is ill. Absence from in person will require a written excuse. As stated previously by Superintendent Colabufo, if a student experiences COVID 19 symptoms, the student is not permitted to attend in-person learning and must provide a negative COVID19 test result or a documented alternate diagnosis from a physician.

• Students will be required to sanitize hands each time they enter a classroom. Students will be asked to use a disinfecting wipe to wipe their hands and work space when they enter and exit a classroom.

• There will be no access to water fountains, however, water bottles and bottle fillers will be allowed.

• Bathroom use will be on a rotational basis, one student in the restroom at a time.

• Breakfast and lunch will likely be a “grab and go” lunch eaten in a classroom or other socially distanced location.

• Whether your child is in-person learning or remote instruction at the same time from home, teachers will be required to wear masks due to the presence of students in their classroom. (The Oswego County Health Department uses a point system for quarantining students and staff and based on the length of the class period and if the teacher was not wearing a mask, they would be mandated to quarantine if a student in their classroom tests positive. Since we are already finding it extremely difficult to secure substitute teachers, we must have our teachers wearing a mask.)

The survey must be completed by Sunday, February 21st by 11:59pm.


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