ISANJA BOARD GAME - Words Survey (Music)
Isanja Board Game is conducting a Word Survey for Isanja Words.
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1. What is the Name of your Favorite Nigeria Musician
2. Who is the most popular Nigerian Musician you know
3. Name one Old School Nigerian Musician
4. Name one New School Nigerian Musician
5. Name one Nigerian Song you like
6. Name of Nigerian Album You Like
7. Name One Nigerian Musician that you know most people would not remember his name.
8. Name One Dance step, Dance Slang or Dance move that you can think of
9. Name of Nigerian Song from the 90's or 80's
10. Name One female Nigerian Musician
11. Name One Nigerian Music Producer
12. Name one Nigeria Reggae Musician
13. Name one Nigeria Rapper (Male or Female)
14. Name one Nigeria Musician that sings mainly with local languages (e.g. Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Idoma, Efik, etc)
15. Name one foreign musician with Nigerian roots.
16. Name one Nigerian local Musical Instrument
17. Name one Nigerian Record Label
18. Name one Nigerian Music Video Producer
19. Name one Nigerian Musical show, concert or event
20. Add any word that related to music in Nigeria
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