Application to Conduct Research Involving the ESL Courses at ISU
Why Must I Apply to Do Research?
The supervisors of the English 99, 101, and 180 courses at Iowa State University encourage research on second language learning and teaching by graduate students and faculty. However, to ensure that students and instructors are not distracted in their primary purposes of learning and teaching, we require that any research that entails provision of class time, homework time, or instructor-student communication be approved in advance.

This includes projects involving in-class instructional treatments as well as those seeking students to participate outside of class.

Please do NOT approach English 99, 101, or 180 instructors directly with research-related requests. Instead, submit an application by following the instructions below.

If you are currently an instructor of any of these courses, you should likewise submit an application before undertaking any research or allowing others to conduct research in your section(s) or other sections of the ESL courses.

Successful applicants will be contacted later about sharing some form of report on their study so that we can showcase the connections between ESL instruction and research in the ISU Applied Linguistics program web pages at
Helpful Tips
You can increase the chances of a successful application and good participant response by:

* submitting your application well in advance of the dates you would like recruitment and data collection to begin;

* familiarizing yourself with the syllabus and materials used in your target course(s) and showing how your study complements these or otherwise makes a relevant contribution to student learning. The course coordinators (listed below) can consult with you in this regard before you apply;

* specifying what participants stand to gain by taking part (for example, becoming eligible for a gift-card drawing or receiving individual tutoring on their writing);

* selecting research topics that have been identified as priorities for the individual courses:;

* proofreading your application before submission to ensure you have provided all the necessary information in grammatically well-formed and properly spelled terms.

Graduate students: please note that small-scale projects, such as piloting a teaching activity or test developed as part of a course assignment, are not a suitable basis for an application. In such cases, it will be better to rely on the help of friends, acquaintances, or family members.
How to Apply
Complete the application form on the following pages. You will be asked to specify a particular course or courses.

NOTE: even if your study involves more than one course, you should submit only a single application.

If you would like advice about how to structure your application for a particular course, contact the relevant coordinator.

Jayme Wilken,, for studies involving 99S;
Jim Ranalli,, for studies involving 101B;
Sarah Davis,, for studies involving 101C;
Tammy Salter,, for studies involving 101D;
Elena Cotos,, for studies involving 180A, 180B/C, or 180D.

Questions about this form or the application process should be sent to
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