How Entrepreneurial am I?
GEW - Generation Europe Web Erasmus+ project 2017-20
Inquiry for the Greek students
1. Which country do you live in? *
2. I usually figure out what has to be done and do it before I'm asked. *
3. I like to be in control of whatever jobs I'm doing. *
4. I'm rarely satisfied with the way things are. I want to change them, make them better. *
5. I'm good with people. *
6. I have dreams I want to pursue, and I won't be satisfied until I find out whether or not I can achieve them. *
7. I keep trying until I find the solution to a problem *
8. I am satisfied with myself. *
9. I'm willing to accept responsibility and take the heat if my decisions are wrong, but I want the credit (or rewards) when I make decisions that produce the right results. *
10. I don't mind working hard for long hours. *
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