Nominations for Dooley School Year 2023/2024
Please use this form to select the position and who you would like to nominate for Dooley's PTA 2023/2024. If you only want to nominate for one position please put N/A on the other positions.
2023/2024年度のDooley PTAの各役職に推薦したい人をご記入ください。1 つの役職のみ推薦する場合は、他の役職に「N/A(該当なし)」と記入してください。
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Current Board Members 現在のPTA役員
President 会長              -  Chani Ullmann
Co - Vice President 副会長  - Claudia Booker
Co - Vice President 副会長  - Amy Barnhill
Secretary 事務局/書記 - Megumi Mladenovic
Treasurer 会計              -  Steven Mladenovic
Who do you want to Nominate for the President?誰を会長に推薦したいですか?
Who do you want to Nominate for the Vice President?誰を副会長に推薦したいですか?
Who do you want to Nominate for the Secretary?誰を事務局/書記に推薦したいですか?
Who do you want to Nominate for the Treasurer?誰を会計に推薦したいですか?
Your First and Last name. あなたのお名前をご記入下さい。 *
We are always looking for help in our PTA, and welcome more volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and want more information about ways you can help please provide us with your email address. 
Thank you so much
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