Chris Nelson Memorial Grant Application
All components of the grant application are due by midnight on Wednesday, May 1st. Two projects will be fully funded from this round of applications and are for projects to be implemented in the 2019-2020 school year.

Please remember the following eligibility requirements:
*Teams must consist of 2-4 educators
*Applicants must work in a New Hampshire public or private school
*At least one team member must be a full-time classroom teacher
*All team members must be members of NHSTE

During the application process, be sure to reference the Grant Application Rubric:

For questions or help please contact

Team Leader is a member of NHSTE *
Membership can be basic or premium. To learn more about membership visit:
Name of Team Leader *
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Team Leader's primary email address *
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District that will participate in project *
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School(s) that will participate in project *
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School Address and phone number where team leader can be reached *
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Team Member Names and grade level/discipline taught *
Please include the names of all faculty and staff members that will be directly involved in the project
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Are all members NHSTE members *
Membership can be basic or premium. To learn more about membership visit: For application to move forward, all team members must be NHSTE members (basic or premium) by May 1st.
Project Title *
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Project Abstract *
In a concise explanation, please outline your overall project. This description should include an outline of the overall goals of the project, the connection to specific curriculum standards, how the project will be implemented and assessed.
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Project Description and Timeline *
The project description must describe, in detail, the project's goal(s) and purpose and how these will be achieved. Special attention must be paid to project implementation and timeline, impact within classrooms, school, district, and community as a whole. Detail must also be provided on assessments within the project both formative and summative for student work but also on overall success of project. Project description must also demonstrate how it can be connected to NHSTE's belief statements of: Learning is essential in our ever-changing world; Technology empowers teachers and learners; and NHSTE inspires, creates, and supports a culture of connected learners.
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Curriculum Standards *
Provide a list of specific standards that will be addressed based on the content and technology focus of the project. Be sure to separate standards based on content area and also based on phases of project, if applicable. For more information on technology standards visit:
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Capacity for Success *
Proposal will detail and define the abilities, expertise, knowledge and support of team members, administrators, community, and existing policies and procedure to conduct a successful and complete project.
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Itemized Budget *
The itemized budget narrative must contain a justification of expenses regarding resources involved in the project. A minimum of $650 must used for team professional development; $150 is allocated for the Team Leader; remainder may not exceed $3200. Create a Google Spreadsheet for the budget and share the link here. Spreadsheet must be viewable by anyone who has the link. Example budget narrative:
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