Remembering Vassara
Did you know over 100 years have passed since the first heroes of Vassara voyaged across the Atlantic for a new life in the "Athens of America"? The Vassara Society of Boston is still afloat, but needs your input. Please take a moment to complete the following survey, and forward it to as many Vassaraoi you know -friends, relatives, children and grandchildren (even if they're not living in the Boston area). If there is a family member who needs help filling out this survey in Greek, please assist with translating and complete a second survey with his/her information.

A warm thank you to you all.
The Vassara Society

**photo credit - Ευριπίδης Πελάγος - Vassaras Facebook Page
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We would like to offer a variety of activities for our youth and young adults to get to know one another better. Which types of activities might you, your children or grandchildren be interested in? Check all that apply.
If you have teenagers or young adults, would you be interested in sending your child on an overseas chaperoned trip/camp to Greece where they would learn more about their heritage?
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How important is it to you to educate our children about this part of their heritage?
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Have you ever been to Vassara?
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If an organized tour to Vassara were arranged for adults, how interested would you be?
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If an organized tour were arranged for adults, would you like to see where your lineage started and see your grandfather's or great grandfather's home?
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Are you aware of new property tax and inheritance laws in Greece?
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If you responded "no" to the above question, how interested are you in learning more about the new tax and inheritance laws in Greece that may affect your ancestral home.
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