Musicians Staff Applications
Please make sure that all of your answers are detailed and answer the questions.
Guild Information
Guild Staff Minimum Requirements
- Be 14 years or older. (exceptions can be made)
- Be either an EXP Slave or Senior Member.
- Use the Discord frequently, both text and voice chats.
- Having a working microphone is a huge plus.
- Do not ask us to look at your application. This will lead to an instant denial.
- If your application has been denied you must wait for 30 days to apply again.
Guild Staff Expectations
- Interacting within the guild and its members.
- Providing information when asked in chat.
- Moderating the chat and keeping it civil.
- Organize guild events and activities. (/g party)
- Inviting new members when there are open slots.
Do you believe that you reach the minimum requirements and expectations as stated above? *
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