Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Awardees Survey
Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the annual Maryland/DC Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Awards are on hold. We are reaching out to previous awardees to get a feel for how they are continuing to support breastfeeding moms and to identify resources we may need to provide. Please take a minute to complete and return this survey.
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Do you have employees teleworking? If so, how do you support breastfeeding mothers who are teleworking? *
Have the supports you provided to breastfeeding mothers changed in your office? If so, how? (For example, do employees still use a pump room?)
If you have lactation consultants assisting your employees, are you facilitating telehealth visits? *
Are there any other challenges or accomplishments you would like to share in providing support to your breastfeeding employees during the COVID-19 pandemic? *
Are there any resources or supports you think we could provide to you during this time? *
May we share your responses outside of the Maryland and DC Breastfeeding Coalitions? *
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