Number 19 Craft & Design
No. 19 New Member Application
We are now accepting applications for new members to join our maker collective. We a few slots available for our lovely Craft Village location in the heart of Derry.

Many of our members are this region’s top designer makers and are full-time engaged in their practice with a strong cross border presence. Everything you see in Number 19 has been designed and made locally and every penny spent in the store goes directly to the makers.

Membership Information
We offer two types of membership. Each member has the option to:

1. Pay monthly rental (£55 p/m) plus cover a number of days in the shop annually (approx.18)

2. Or you may elect to pay additional rent and someone will be assigned to cover your days for you. This will be charged at Monthly rental (£55) + daily rota cost (£55 per day)

*There is an additional one time membership fee of £100 for all members
We also take £110 advance on rent, this will be used as your last two months rent if you decide to leave the collective or returned to you if necessary (the rent reserve can be paid upfront or taken from your first two months sales)

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