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Parent/Guardian Permission To Participate/Obtain Emergency Care
- I hereby give my consent for my son/daughter to participate in the district's Interscholastic Athletic Program at local or out-of-town games. I am also advised that students must return equipment/uniforms in good condition. Parents/Guardians will be expected to reimburse the district for equipment/uniforms that are damaged or lost.

- I authorize school personnel to obtain emergency medical care that may become necessary for my son/daughter in the course of athletic activities or related travel.

- I am also advised that Sports Insurance is provided under what is known as a Full Excess Plan. Parents/Guardians must provide payment from their own personal or group insurance policy for medical expenses or hospitalization. If charges are not covered by the parent's/guardian's personal plan, district insurance will cover the player up to the limits of the district's policy for medical expenses or hospitalization.

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New Jersey State Law requires that all students who participate in interscholastic sports receive a physical exam prior to participating in any practice or game. This physical exam may be provided by your family physician or the school physician. If a parent/guardian does not have a home physician, an examination by the school physician may be requested.
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Note: if you use a family doctor, a copy of the required district form must be completed by your Doctor and returned to the School Nurse with his/her findings, recommendations, and any restrictions within 30 days of receipt of this notice.
As a student candidate in the Interscholastic Athletic Program, I will conduct myself in a manner that is beyond reproach and exhibit good sportsmanship and return sports equipment and uniforms issued to me in good condition.
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