2019 Soccer Player Information
Please pay attention to these questions and answer them to the best of your ability.
Hudson Soccer Player Expectations. Go to the following link: https://hhs.hudsonisd.org/index.php?pageID=55702_2 Click on the Expectations link, then read over the policy, and make sure you understand the expectations of being in athletics. This is a privilege, not a right. Click the agreement statement once you are ready to move on. *
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Join the NEW Remind Group. Stop here; get out your cell phone (unless you don't have one); txt: @k77g48 to 81010; follow the directions to complete the task; then click yes to continue. *
Parents/Guardian Name(s): include all that you live with, and their relation to you (Ex. Jane Doe, mom) *
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Parents/Guardian Cell Phone Number (s): include all that you live with, and their number next to their name (Ex. Jane Doe, 555-555-5555) *
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Home Phone Number (if no cell phones). Type None if you do not have one. *
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If you have your parent/guardian cell numbers: txt them RIGHT NOW the code for the New Remind Soccer Parent Group, and let them know how to sign up! They need to send this message : @hudsonboys to 81010 to join the group; then click yes to continue. *
Read over this social media statement. Be sure you understand what you are reading and agreeing to. Then click agree. "I understand that I am responsible for the content I post, read, and share on my social media (Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc...), and that any and all posts, pictures, videos, etc. are subject to potential team rules violations as stated in the Athletic Code of Conduct. I further understand that violations could lead to my removal from the program if deemed serious enough by the team coaches or members of the staff and administration at Hudson ISD." *
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