Atlanta Redemption Ink Program (read entirely)
Dear Friend,
Our desire is to see this healing come to survivors in need, but due to the high volume of applications, we can't grant every request. All applications are reviewed monthly. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please read the following requirements before proceeding.....

* You must be one + year self-harm free for scar cover- this is required by artists to allow time for scars to heal.
*Tattoo Removals- are not scheduled on weekends (unless prior discussed with ARI and provider)
* If this cover or removal is needed for a gang tattoo and the area of affiliation goes unanswered/refusal to answer will be considered incomplete. All gang tattoos will be viewed by a gang Investigator for verification. your personal info is NEVER sent.
* Cover-ups/removals must be related to what's in the categories below ( sorry, no exceptions)
* Letter of referral from an advocate or program is requested with an application for completion.
*If over the age of 18 (and not in a Program) Your family can not call/email for you. or talk on your behalf.
ALL tattoos under gang affiliation will be verified.

******Before images of tattoo/scar are required to be sent to
I acknowledge & agree to ALL the requirements stated above while submitting this application. Not following these will result in an incomplete application with no callback. Due to the number of applications we receive, we will not trace you down for a cover-up or removal. Accurate contact info is needed along with following the guidelines above. *
Due to COVID19 Pandemic we are experiencing some appointment delays and we appreciate your understanding! We cant wait to work with you! Once application is approved ALL CDC requirements for establishments MUST be followed-- no exceptions. *
Today's Date *
Name (first & last) *
Birth date *
Street address *
City & State *
Phone *
Text OK? *
E-mail *
Referring Agency/Referred By *
Service Need *
Tell us why you are seeking a removal/cover *
If gang related, which gang were you affiliated with . If not put N/A (you can not leave this area unanswered if you are checking gang affiliations cover up *
Describe the tattoo/scars that you would like to have removed or covered, their location and how they were obtained *
We'd love to hear a little more about you & how will this cover or removal help in your recovery journey? *
Date of last tattoo and/or removal *
Date you began your recovery journey? *
Are you actively seeking help in your recovery? Do you need resources for recovery assistance? *
If yes, What form? *
Do you have a letter of referral? *
Do you understand that without sending before image of what's needing work or letter of recommendation is considered incomplete? These need to be sent to *
Atlanta Redemption Ink (ARI) reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. ARI does not discriminate in its programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, ancestry, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sexual orientation, gender or gender expression. *
FOR PROGRAMS REPS ONLY: By selecting "acknowledge"- You agree not to compete, copy or imitate ARI. You agree to inform ARI of any and all appointments, cancellations or reschedules for individuals in your program. *
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