Growing the Green Way Class Series Spring 2018
Classes are free but pre-registration is requested.

Class Locations :
Cooperative Extension Office, 3309 Burlington Road, G’boro, NC 27405
Glenn McNairy Branch Library, 4860 Lake Jeanette Road, G’boro 27455
Greensboro Arboretum (Ed Center), 401 Ashland Drive, G’boro 27403
Kathleen Clay Edwards Library, 1420 Price Park Road, G’boro, NC 27410

Programs are designed to be approximately one hour long but may run slightly over depending on questions and discussion - which are encouraged!

For more information, contact Lauren Taubert at 336-641-2400

In the event of inclement weather, we follow Guilford County schools. If schools are closed, we do not have class.

In order to get an accurate count of participants, please limit one person per form. You may register multiple people, however, please register them one at a time.
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Planning the 3-Season Vegetable Garden
Vegetable gardening is especially productive in the Piedmont because we can grow food at least 10 months of the year! The key is good planning and succession planting. January is the perfect time to start getting ready; let’s talk about the many ways to get the most out of your personal planting space.
Proper Pruning Prevents Poor Plant Performance
The art of pruning does not mean shearing shrubs into green meatballs (yikes!). The discussion will cover the tools, techniques and especially the timing for pruning small ornamental trees and shrubs, and how doing it right is the easy way to have healthier, prettier, and longer‐lived plants. Note: this program does not cover the specific pruning needs of fruit trees.
Totally Tomatoes - All About Our Favorite Fruit
It’s time to start planning, that’s the key to enjoying the taste of your own home-grown tomatoes. That’s all we’ll be talking about in this session – proven tips and techniques for successfully growing America’s most popular garden vegetable (or is it a fruit?). Get ready for tomato sandwiches all summer long!
Beautiful and Sustainable Lawns - A Greener Yard
Have a sustainable lawn by knowing and using good growing practices all year, to save you time and money as well as reducing environmental impact. Establishing a healthy stand of grass with good planning and sensible management means you’ll have a beautiful lawn and minimize issues with weeds and diseases.
Grow Your Best Vegetable Garden
Learning and following best practices leads to best results in your vegetable garden. Topics will include how to prepare soil, the selection and timing of vegetable varieties, good upkeep, and using integrated pest management techniques to control insects and diseases organically. Growing your own food can be economical, educational, and fun.
Planning and Planting for Pollinators
Gardeners need pollinators, and pollinators need gardeners too. Even small home gardens can provide important habitat for them, especially in urban and suburban neighborhoods: year-round food sources, and places for the next generation to reach maturity. Let’s talk about creating a pollinator garden that is also a beautiful and fascinating setting for the gardener to enjoy.
Containers for Curb Appeal
Creative containers are great for a display of pansies, petunias or other colorful annuals - and so much more! They’re also perfect for interesting combinations and unusual plantings that provide curb appeal for your home. We’ll discuss how container-hardy perennials, shrubs, and even small trees can be used to add year-round visual focus and create a garden in any location.
Include Native Plants - Beautiful and Beneficial
With a little information and good selection, anyone can include native plants for a garden that is attractive in even the most urban of settings. Including natives can be done without replanting your whole yard - even small changes help offset habitat loss. We can all enjoy healthier and more resilient landscapes by increasing plant diversity (and beauty!) in our own backyards.
Flowerpot Food: Grow Herbs and Vegetables in Containers
If you have limited space, sun, or time - a set of containers can be a wonderfully productive garden space. Grow some of your own vegetables and herbs to eat better and also save on your food budget! We'll cover all the basics of the best ways to do it: with the right location, good timing, an easy plan, and a little tending.
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