Stakeholders' Feedback for Curriculum 2008
Dear Stakeholders,

You are requested to give your frank and objective opinion about the curriculum on under mentioned indices for the purposes of feedbacks in the curriculum

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Curriculum Feedback
Need Improvement
Was the Course Content helpful to the students’ employability, higher Studies and Entrepreneurship?
Was the timeline given sufficient to completion of the Syllabus coverage?
Were the Web links given in each subject useful?
Were the recommended Books given in the syllabus helpful?
Was there relevancy in the order of the subjects given?
Was the curriculum adopted relevant to the local / national / regional / global development needs?
Was there any overlapping of syllabus with other subjects in the course of study?
Did the syllabus given in a subject cover the fundamental concepts fully?
Did the course content fulfil the objectives given?
Was there relevance of the subjects with Practical or laboratory work?
Any other opinion/suggestions about review of syllabus for improvements of Curriculum - [Core course/ Elective /Inter-displinary /Multi-displinary/ Lab Course/ Science and Humanities/ Allied Subjects/Life Skills/Employability enhancement skills]
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Does the syllabus satisfies the Programme outcomes (PO) and Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO)
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