Aquatic Animal Telemetry - Designing training schools and workshops
Personal information is provided for the sole purpose of designing training curricula. We will not contact you without your consent (which may be provided in section 3.c)
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This survey was created for the purpose of designing training schools and workshops on aquatic animal telemetry. We would appreciate your help in identifying the interests, and knowledge gaps - for us to provide programs for your training needs.
Training schools are part of a COST action (#18102) titled "The European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network" - a European initiative to promote tracking of aquatic animals in EU member countries and beyond.
1. Personal information
Personal information is provided for the sole purpose of designing training curricula. We will not contact you without your consent (which can be provided in the last two questions)
1.a) Name *
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1.b) Gender
1.c) Affiliation
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1.d) Position *
1.e) Formal education - please indicate your most advanced degree (already completed) *
1.f) Country
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1.g) Are you from a European or EU member country?
2. You and aquatic animal telemetry
This is where you indicate your experience, interests, and your knowledge of aquatic animal telemetry
2.a) What types of aquatic tracking are you familiar with?
2.b) Do you currently have project data uploaded to the ETN online database? *
2.b) Level of experience *
Not relevant
Little to none
Study design
Fieldwork (e.g., tagging, receiver deplyments)
Data managment
Data analysis
Project writing
Animal wellfare
2.c) Telemetry-related subjects in which you would most be interested in training *
Not relevant
Not interested
Very interested
Introduction to telemetry: components to capabilities
Study designs and applications
Deployment, retrieval, and maintancne of acoustic arrays
Tagging animals
Telemetry data managment and analyses
Use of multiple telemetry systems (i.e., different manufacturers)
2.d) What types of telemetry data do you collect\analyze? *
Not relevant
Positioning ( i.e., coordinates)
Passive telemetry (i.e., presence-absence)
Environmental data
2.e) Taxa of interest
• Please indicate your taxa of interest (past and present) • Please use full accepted SCIENTIFIC NAMES (e.g., 3) • Please use semi-colon [ ; ] to separate between species, if relevant
Your answer
3. Last few questions and we're done
3.a) How interested are you in the following topics (not necessarily training):
Not interested
Slightly interested
Very interested
Not relevant
Telemetry networks (such as the ETN), their functions, and how to get invloved
Use of multiple telemetry systems (i.e., compatibility among different manufacturers)
Data entry and managment
3.b) Are you currently a member of a telemetry network? *
The Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP)
The Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS)
Florida Atlantic Coast Telemetry (FACT)
Ocean Tracking Network (OTN)
Animal Telemetry Network (ATN)
IMOS Animal Tracking Facility (ATF)
Atlantic Coast Telemetry (ACT)
European Tracking Network (ETN)
Other (please specify in comments section)
The Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System (GLATOS)
3.c) Would you like to be notified of telemetry training schools or workshops? *
4. Your opinion is valuable!
Please feel free to use this remaining sections to let us know what other telemetry-related subjects you would like to be trained on, elaborate on existing topics (e.g., specific types of analyses, tagging procedures), and suggestions to improve this survey.
4.a) Telemetry-related subjects not covered in this questionnaire:
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4.b) Suggestions to improve this survey
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General comments
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