Discipleship for Everyone
Location: TBA
Teacher: Ed Gravely
Begins February 4th, 9am.
This NEW class is for people who are:
- Brand new to Christianity or are brand new to trying to read and understand the Bible
- Sharing your faith with your neighbors, friends, and coworkers and are getting asked good questions that you aren’t sure how to answer
- Looking for a Sunday morning class to invite your unchurched neighbors to, where you know the content and the environment will be geared toward them.
The class subjects will be broken down as topical sessions.
The first 10-week session is  "Understanding the New Testament". In this class we are going to cover topics like where the New Testament came from, who wrote it, what all those ancient copies of the Bible actually say, how we supposed to read a parable, one of Paul’s letter, an apocalypse, etc. Every class session will be stand alone, you can invite your neighbor to any week and they’ll be fine. No prior knowledge of Christianity will be required.
Seating will be limited, so please sign up. (Guests do not need to sign up.)
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