Eliot School Summer Program for Children • Tuition donation, refund or credit?
We are so sorry to have to cancel our popular Summer Program for Children this year. Please help us know how you'd like us to handle the tuition you have already paid us.

Please provide the following information by May 17. If we don't receive a response from you by that date, we will apply your paid tuition to a credit for future classes.

We will send confirmation to the indicated email within 2-3 weeks of your request. If you have any questions please contact our Registrar: info@eliotschool.org -- or Program Director Claudia Fiks: cfiks@eliotschool.org.

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Students' first and last names. –– We understand you may have registered more than one child, and may have registered for multiple classes. Please write the FIRST AND LAST NAMES of ALL your children who are registered for the Summer Program, as we will be matching your response with our data files. Many thanks for your help with this.
Best phone to reach you if needed *
Would you like to donate the cost of your tuition to support the Eliot School through this challenging time? -- We hope you will consider donating all or part of your tuition to the Eliot School. The School has lost half of its annual earned income due to Covid-related closure. We know we will re-open, once public health allows (although we don't know exactly when). We are working hard to raise funds that will allow us to weather this very difficult time. Every donation helps us get closer to that goal.
b.) I would like a CREDIT toward future classes for this amount or % of my tuition:
c.) I would like a REFUND for this amount or % of my tuition:
Please use the space below for any additional information, comments or instructions:
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