EARTHeim Consultation Form 2021
EARTHeim Landscape Design, llc
Lexington, Kentucky

Owner: Katrina Kelly KCN

You may reach EARTHeim by Email or Phone Call
EARTHeim is not available by text
Business Hours Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm
Office hours vary within business hours

Consultation $165/$150

#1) This consultation form will need to be received at least 3 business days prior to our appointment.

#2) Please only fill out this form if you are committed to scheduling the consultation.
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Email *
First & Last Name *
Phone Number written as follows (xxx-xxx-xxxx) *
Complete Mailing Address ( & site address if different) *
Please provide FULL address for our records. Street, City, Zip Code
Average travel fees. Based on Federal mileage rate. No fee within immediate area of Lexington.
Outside of immediate area of Lexington: $10, Versailles: $15, Midway $15, Lawrenceburg $25, Frankfort $30, Richmond $30, Harrodsburg $30, Winchester $25, Georgetown $25 Paris $30, Berea $40, Elizabethtown $95, Louisville $90, Cincinnati $115
How did you hear about EARTHeim?
I am interested in... *
Design Fees
The design fee is a flat fee based on the number of anticipated hours to complete the design. This is based on square footage, project's complexity, existing site conditions, landscape features, and time of year of design contract.

Average Design Fees
$300+ Individual small to medium sized garden beds
$1000+ Average size front yard, backyard, or small property
$2000+ Whole property, front/backyard, large design areas, homestead designs

You receive a credit on the design fee when the complete design is fully installed by EARTHeim
If you'd like a design, please describe what areas you would like to include
Design & Installation Timelines
Design completion times will vary based on:
Time of year and how much is on my work queue
Size and complexity of the project

For larger projects you want installed spring/summer, it is best to contact EARTHeim in the fall and winter.
Smaller projects can be completed faster, but may take longer to complete during the busy season.
Don't hesitate to contact me with questions about timeline if this is a concern for you.
Comments on timeline
How you'd like the garden installed
Total Budget for Project *
Budget includes design, materials and labor. We can discuss more about budget during our consultation.
Budget Comments
How many adults, children, and pets will be using the garden?
What are the main concerns about your landscape?
What do you like most about your landscape now?
What are the problem areas in your landscape?
What are your goals for the front yard?
What are your goals for the backyard?
How many people at home will be helping take care of the garden? *
Landscape care: click any of the following that applies *
How much time per week do you happily want to devote to maintaining your outdoor spaces?
Clear selection
Please select any from below *
Must-Haves: These are things you are 100% positive you want to include in your plan.
Any additional features you'd like to include if budget/space allows?
How will your garden be used?
Describe the style you'd like your garden
You may use words like 'charming', 'rustic', 'modern', 'traditional' or any words that come up for you when you envision the garden. This may include any themes.
Do you have any of the following goals?
Briefly describe the sunlight and shade around the property. *
I'll ask for a more detailed description as we move into the design process. Photos are excellent: 9am, 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm are great times to show the variance.
Briefly describe any drainage issues on site
Is there any compacted soil on the site? New construction will likely have compacted soils.
Kentucky has clay soils. Newer construction and houses built after 1970 often have the local top soil removed.
Are there any of the following on the site?
Favorite colors?
Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, White, Green Foliage, Monochromatic, Mixed Colorful, Bright, Pastel, Muted, Calming, Exciting, etc.
Specific plants you love?
Specific plants you dislike?
Do you have any of the following services? *
Are there any landscape related restrictions with an HOA or Historical Zoning?
Anything to share? Photos, magazine clips, Pinterest, Houzz, etc. Paste a link or email.
Additional comments?
Cancellation Policy- Please Review
Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

Your appointment is very important to me! I am truly sympathetic to unexpected events. When a client cancels, they prevent another client from being seen. In fairness, this policy is in effect regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment will be considered a cancellation and the policy will be applied.

If this form is filled out or you have scheduled an appointment, and do not follow through with the consultation there is fee of $25. If you reschedule for an appointment within 90 days, the fee is creditable.

To ensure I have received proper notice, please reach me by phone call if possible, as soon as possible. I do not have texting available. If it is outside business hours feel free to email me but don't hesitate to call again during business hours if you have not heard from me. I will confirm I've received communication from you.

If you completely cancel your appointment within 24 hours notice, or do not show up to the scheduled appointment, no refunds will be provided. If you have not prepaid, an online invoice will sent for the full consultation fee.

The 60-75 minute consultation begins and ends at the scheduled time.
I will honor a full consultation if I am late on my part due to traffic, weather, etc.

Appointments will depend on the weather. I will check weather days ahead of time, and if it looks like inclement weather, we will reschedule. If it is bad weather last minute I will contact you or feel free to contact me as well. Sometimes weather is different in different parts of Lexington. It may be storming on your end, but sunny on my end! I really like to try and schedule the consultation when it will be at least 45 degrees or below 90 degrees. I've found any temps higher or lower can get uncomfortable by the end of the meeting.

EARTHeim LLC holds the right to charge a late fee and interest fee for every month that this balance is unpaid. EARTHeim LLC shall have the right to hire collections agencies or attorneys to pursue payment, and have any associated direct or indirect costs reimbursed be the client.
Will you need to meet at anytime outside of business hours? EARTHeim's hours are Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. I have limited availability some weekday evenings to meet at 5pm, 5:15pm or 5:30pm. *
What is your availability to set up a consultation?
Consultation Payment Options *
Plus applicable travel fee, Federal mileage rate
Thank You! Please Read
If we have not set up an appointment time I will reach out by email.

If you would like for everyone to be masked during the consultation, please let me know.

If you are prepaying online, we will follow up with an online invoice from WAVE. This will be due before our appointment.
I have reviewed the Cancellation Policy and agree *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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