Modified People - Part 2

Read today's article.


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Short Answer Questions

Answer the following questions using Complete Sentences:
Julia Gnuse
Who is Julia Gnuse? (Use the Web to answer this question.)
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Making Inferences - Julia Gnuse
What are Julia Gnuse's reasons for being tattooed? (Use the Web to answer this question.)
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Health Risks
According to the article, what is the most common health risk associated with body modification?
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Making Inferences

Respond to the following prompts using at least two (2) sentences each.

Make sure to use evidence from the text.

Making Inferences - Education
Explain what might account for the article's assertion that high prevalence of tattoos correlates with lower education levels. How would you explain such a correlation? Does lack of education cause one to purchase tattoos, or is the relationship more societal and cultural? Explain.
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Making Inferences - Culture
Examine the list of reasons why individuals undergo body modification (in BOLD in the second paragraph). According to the brief profiles in the article, what is the main reason that these individuals modify their bodies? What can we learn from the individuals in this subculture?
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Your Opinion
Would you ever undergo body modification? Why or why not? Would it be tattooing, piercing, or something else? What would your reasons be? Are your reasons justified? How would the body modification make you feel about yourself? Why? Explain.
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