PCS Pay 2018: Get The Vote Out!
With the very real possibility of a national ballot on pay, we need to ensure that every branch is 'ballot ready'. This means that every branch needs to have an 'action plan' to engage with the full membership to ensure they participate in the forthcoming ballot (with the changes to balloting rules, we have to have over 50% turnout before we can legally call industrial action).

We are therefore proposing to produce a guide with 'hints and tips' for branches on how they can maximise the turnout. However, to do this effectively we need to know what, in your experience, are the most effective ways to maximise turnout and what are the biggest challenges you face when seeking to do so. So please use this survey to share your best practice and also your 'areas of challenge' (i.e. the bits of the puzzle you have not yet fully solved).

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In last year's indicative ballot, did your branch agree a formal plan of action to maximise participation?
Which of the following steps were used by your branch?
Not used
Used once
Used twice
Used more than twice
Sending an email to members
Sending a text message to members
Deskdropping a leaflet to all members urging them to vote
Using social media to increase participation
Holding workplace meetings to explain the issues behind the ballot
Recruiting workplace Union Advocates to raise the union's profile
Lunchtime rallies and other visible actions to raise the profile of the ballot
Sticker or poster days, urging members to show their participation in the workplace
Phone banking of members
Organising a process of one to one discussions with individual members
What in your experience were the most effective steps your branch took to get the vote out?
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On reflection, what additional steps could your branch have taken to maximise turnout?
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Did you run a recruitment campaign alongside the Get the Vote Out campaign?
What did you find to be the biggest obstacles to getting the vote out?
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If you were asked to advise a branch which was finding it hard to get the vote out, what would your advice be to them?
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Is there anything more you think the union centrally can do to support branches during a ballot period?
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Any final thoughts?
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