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Terms & Conditions Of Service

Voluntary Action Harrow Limited (VAHC) is a registered umbrella body with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), and offer a comprehensive DBS checking service.

Organisations are required to register for this service. The following terms must be adhered to:

• You must follow the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Code Of Practice which includes handling of DBS related data. The DBS Code Of Practice is available here:

• Voluntary Action Harrow Limited will not be involved in the recruitment decision of the organisation using the DBS service. It is entirely up your organisation to make recruitment decisions. All decisions must be made in line with the DBS code of conduct and the organisation must implement a policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders. A specimen policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders is available here:

• You are responsible for checking the information written on the form is correct and verifying the identity of an applicant. Guidelines for checking acceptable identification are available here:

• Where route 1 validation is not possible and route 2 is used, an external validation check at an additional cost will need to take place.

• Voluntary Action Harrow Limited will send disclosure applications to the DBS via Royal Mail, where necessary the DBS may return application forms to VAHC via royal, both these services do not use a registered or recorded delivery service. If an applicant would like VAHC to use registered or recorded services they will need to pay the extra costs of using such services. (this does not apply to the DBS) VAHC are not responsible for any applications lost in the post either to or from the DBS. However, VAHC will endeavour to trace applications to the DBS if necessary.

• The DBS will send the certificate directly to the applicant. It is your responsibility to ensure your staff/volunteers bring the original certificates to your organisation for you to check.

• If the staff/volunteer member is registered to the DBS Live Update Service they must provide the organisation with the original certificate to check against the Live Update Service with the applicant's consent.

• Voluntary Action Harrow Limited has the right to withdraw the DBS service if organisations are not complying with the DBS Code Of Practice.

Payment methods: can be made by cheque (payable to Voluntary Action Harrow Limited), cash in person at VAHC office (NOT IN THE POST) or BACS. Payment should be sent with the application. An invoice will be sent on receipt of DBS application form (14 days' payment terms - late payments will incur a charge of £5).

By completing and submitting this form to VAHC, you will have read and agreed to the standard/enhanced DBS check Privacy Policy for applicants & have made the applicants aware of the privacy policy which can be accessed via the following link: This will help the applicants & the organisations to understand how DBS will process their personal data and the options available to them for submitting an application to the DBS Service.

Voluntary Action Harrow Privacy Policy:


Voluntary Action Harrow Co-operative is a trading name for Voluntary Action Harrow Limited, a company limited by guarantee (no. 7554530).

Our Disclosure and Barring Costs:
Nonprofit Organisations:
Volunteer (Standard/Enhanced) - £19.95
Staff (Standard) - £45.95
Staff (Enhanced) - £63.95

Public/Private Organisations:
Volunteer (Standard/Enhanced) - £29.95
Staff (Standard) - £55.95
Staff (Enhanced) - £73.95

External Validation costs if required:
£8.40 per applicant in addition to the above costs

* From 1st December 2012 the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) was changed and is now known as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
**The administration charge for each disclosure application may be reviewed in the future by Voluntary Action Harrow Limited (subject to review every 6 months).

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Organisations will need to have obtained consent from applicants and informed the applicant that their personal data will be held securely by umbrella body (Voluntary Action Harrow Ltd) and shared with any external agencies involved in the DBS checking process. Please see our Privacy Policy
If a external validation check is required for applicants , a separate consent form will need to be completed by the applicant
Please confirm that your organisation currently has and implements a General Data Protection Regulation Policy (GDPR)
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