The Movement Builders Cohort: Intercampus Organizing Training
Want to use the current moment -- yes, even despite the pandemic -- to build organizational capacity and worker power to influence decision-makers in the months to come?

As part of the Movement Builders Cohort, you will do a deep dive into organizing skills -- together with the others in the group -- in order to learn how to bring together your department, run an effective, inclusive team, strategize and adapt tactics, facilitate group organizing activities, tell your story in a way that will bring others in, and build momentum for the movement's narrative.

Every week for six weeks, you and your cohort-mates will join facilitated trainings as you work to organize your own local teams. You will also have weekly check-ins with the cohort, including reflections on your efforts and peer coaching.

These “basic” trainings will be valuable for both new and experienced organizers. Using these organizing foundations, the program seeks to develop leaders that can effectively manage their own teams -- growing and deepening the movement wherever they are based.

The goal is to have a strong organizational infrastructure developed by the end of the summer, with insightful leadership at the helm of vibrant local teams -- so that when they are needed to act, they can.

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Because this program is cumulative and collaborative, and because we cannot host make-up calls, it is very important that everyone can attend all sessions. We will send out a When-to-Meet to figure out the best times for everyone during the week, but do you anticipate specific dates that you absolutely cannot attend? Please indicate which date(s), if any, you absolutely cannot attend. *
Do you have any previous experience organizing? This experience is not necessary in order to participate, but if you have done organizing in the past, we'd love to know a bit about your background. *
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