What do you think of sustainability in F&B?
Hello!! This survey will take about three minutes. We are looking to understand what the public thinks towards sustainability in the F&B industry, to help us frame exciting, novel eateries outreach programmes and boost the green mindset.
Thank you :) -Plastic-Lite Singapore (Contact: enquiries@plasticlite.sg)
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From 1-10, how much does sustainability matter to you in your daily life? *
Doesn't matter at all
Matters very much
Besides dietary restrictions, what factors matter to you when you considering which restaurant to eat out at? You may tick more than one. *
Would you pay 20 cents for a takeaway container? *
Most of the time, do you bring your own? (If you usually bring your own but sometimes forget, please indicate the second option.) *
Are you aware of the health hazards of plastic and styrofoam? *
What would motivate you to bring your own? Or, what motivates you to bring your own? *
Nominate a restaurant that is uses zero to little plastics.
Tell us more about their sustainability efforts! Or, tell us more about what ideas you have for eateries to go green?
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