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Once this form is filled out, we will send you an email to set up a meeting for a free consultation. Even if you do not have intent of proceeding with the project - we are happy to answer any questions or educate you on what is needed to create a project!
If you are looking for 3D models/animation services only, please fill out only what is applicable.
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Educational Institution / Company
Which institution, business or group is the project from? Or is this a self-interest project? (I.e. UC Davis)
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Department / Organization
Which entity/entities are you representing or funded the project? Or is this a self-funded project? (I.e. Department of Communication)
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Project Name & Description
What kind of project is this - a data collection software, a research tool, a lesson using gamification, etc?
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Do you have any plans/requirements already set - such as a strict deadline, a specific team you need, who to work with, 3rd party software/hardware needed, specific technical difficulty needed to overcome, etc? Or is this a "still brainstorming and need to know more" idea? If you don't know (which is very common), please leave this blank, we will help you get a better idea what plans are needed during consultation.
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How familiar are you with software development?
This will help us in communicating with you. Most individuals who come to us are at the scale of 1 - which is why we're here to help!
No experience - never oversaw a team who worked on software development.
Very experienced - can program myself, or have oversaw multiple projects needing software development.
Estimated Budget
We have a minimum budget to be able to work with, depending on what other things can be offered too. We are able to create a fully functioning product (lower quality with art/music) at a tenth, twentieth of the price and half the development time compared to other studios due to our project management and experience with short-term projects with educational institutions. If you do not know your budget, please leave this blank. A confirmed budget will be required to go past the consultation stage.
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Estimated Timeline
You can state an estimated start time or deadline and we can give you consultation about it.
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Are you able to get units/authorship for students? (University only)
Depending on your department, different units can be given. So far we know certain departments (in collaboration) can give out Drama, Communication and Computer Science units. We are trying to work with more departments to offer units to other department students so more options are available for students, and thus more recruits!
How often will you be able to meet up in-person?
The largest key to success for these projects are two-way communication. Our requirement is to meet up in-person for the beginning stages as well as consistent project feedback. We recommend once a week during summer or once every two weeks during fall, winter and spring. We can also do online meetups for feedback.
Any questions or anything else you need to let us know?
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