Slow Streets in the Midtown Area
ABOUT THIS SURVEY (survey length/time = less than 10 minutes total):

Under COVID-19 conditions, have you felt cramped or even unsafe using sidewalks, parks or limited yard space in the Midtown area to recreate, play or just carry out daily tasks? The Midtown Neighborhood Association (MNA) wants to improve people's level of comfort with being outside in the Midtown area, so we are exploring an option called "Slow Streets" and would like your opinion on the idea.

Slow Streets will partially or fully close a few selected streets, providing more public space for playing, walking, and bicycling, and for safe access to essential businesses and services. One existing example of a slow street you may be familiar with is on Capital Avenue from 18th to 19th Street in Sacramento.

Cities like Oakland and San Francisco have successfully created miles of slow streets to greatly expand outdoor areas, allowing room for safe social distancing. Shouldn't we have something nice like this in Sacramento? Please take this survey and share your thoughts with us!

This survey is hosted by MNA. Learn more about MNA at The survey is open to the public, and all people (not just residents) who interact with the Midtown area of Sacramento are encouraged to respond to it. For the purposes of this survey, we are loosely defining the "Midtown area" as anywhere within the rectangular area of C & 15th streets to W and 29th streets.

Your survey response will help inform whether or not the MNA moves forward with submitting a Slow Streets pilot proposal to the City. It will also inform which streets should be included in a potential proposal.

Thank you for your time!
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What is your age? *
Most people think of themselves as belonging to a particular ethnic or racial group. How do you identify yourself? (Choose all that apply) *
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Have you seen an increase in people running or walking, wheelchairing, or biking in the street because of crowded sidewalks in the Midtown area since COVID-19 became a concern?
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If the Midtown area slows some streets, I think the following are most important to consider when deciding which streets to slow (1 being most important, 4 being least important)
A. The slowed streets should lead me in close proximity (1-2 blocks) to business, restaurant, education, and service destinations
B. The higher the mileage of the slowed streets, the better so that they can be used for fitness
C. The slowed streets should be a seamless network where I can move about them all without having to move off the network to get to a slowed segment
D. The slowed streets should connect to parks
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Which locations do you frequent in the Midtown area that might be nice to access via a slowed street? (for ex. O and 24th St)
Image 1, below, is a map of the Midtown area. Using the City of Sacramento's criteria, the image shows all the streets east of 15th Street on the grid that are eligible to be "slowed" with public support. Which segments of the streets highlighted in green in Image 1 below would you support being slowed? (for example, "O St from 15th St to 28th St"; feel free to suggest multiple segments or a whole route/ network)
Image 1. Map of streets in the Midtown area that could be slowed if given enough public support
What concerns might you have about a possible slow streets effort in Midtown?
At this time, I would support a slow streets effort in the Midtown area: *
If you are interested in volunteering to support a slow streets effort in the Midtown area, please provide your name (first and last) and email address below:
Do you live within the Midtown Neighborhood Association (MNA) boundaries (the rectangular area of J & 15th to R & 29th)? If yes, please select the answer that most closely applies to you:
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