Medal Test self-reflection to develop self-efficacy
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Review the records board for each Medal Test event and determine which event/s showcased your strengths vs. which event/s elucidated your areas for improvement. Which was your best event? Which was your weakest event?
Consider the event/s on which you could improve. How do these weaknesses manifest in your skiing/ski racing? What is the most ski-specific way in which you might work on these weaknesses?
Assessing your strengths
While it is important to address your areas for improvement, it is even more important to capitalize on your strengths. It takes a very thoughtful practitioner to align one’s skillset with maximum performance potential. Thus, consider the event/s in which you did best.
What does your success in these areas mean about your likely ski strengths? Does this align with what you perceived to be your greatest strengths?
Describe what it would look like to rely on your “superpower/s” during a particularly demanding race?
Finally, take a moment to consider which strengths you may have overlooked in this activity. For example, do you go to practice every day? Are you particularly good at recovering? How could you add these strengths to the narrative of relying on your “superpowers” during a particularly demanding race?
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