Assessment Tool for Parish Social Justice Committee
After each statement below, rate Christ the King parish on its current efforts to integrate the Church’s social justice teachings and mission into various aspects of parish life.

Please use the given scale, choose one answer for each question

5 Outstanding
4 Above Average
3 Adequate
2 Needs Improvement
1 Does Not Exist
0 Don’t know/Not applicable

I. Prayer and Worship
1. The liturgical music at Parish Masses includes songs that reflect social justice issues and the call to justice.
2. The general intercessions, (petitions) of the Liturgy consistently reflect the needs of the community and the Parish’s responsibility to be agents of the Church’s teaching on social justice.
3. All participants in worship are made to feel welcome and included.
4. A diversity of people is represented among liturgical ministries.
5. The Parish worship environment is accessible, barrier-free and welcoming to all: visually, audibly, and for mobility.
6. The Parish offers Eucharistic Adoration, devotions, programs and services that relate to Catholic social justice issues.
7. The focus of homilies is on Catholic social justice teaching and responsibilities, as well as on an individual relationship with God.
8. Homilists regularly make connections between the liturgical readings and the principles of Catholic social teaching: human dignity, the common good, rights and responsibilities, preferential option for the poor, dignity of work, solidarity.
9. Homilists invite and challenge parishioners to be active in practicing the social justice teachings of the Church.
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