CJSA Return to Play Covid19 - Club Self Certification - Fall 2021
Fall 2021

Below you will find the minimum requirements that a club must certify to implement and strictly adhere to.

COVID-19 Director
All clubs must have a COVID-19 Director. The COVID-19 Director is responsible for identifying and implementing the practices required to comply with CJSA, state, and local return to play activities requirements and is the point of contact with CJSA.

Obtain Waiver
A signed CJSA COVID-19 Waiver must be provided by a player before engaging in any return to play activities.

Minimize physical touching between players and coaches
Coaches shall ensure and all players and coaches avoid “high fives,” handshakes, or other types of physical touching. We understand that this may be difficult as players enjoy celebrating with their teammates, but we need to be diligent at enforcing this protocol for the health and safety of our players and their families.

Do not share equipment. Players should have their own alternate color training top or pinnie. Players should have their own ball, water bottle, towel, and hand sanitizer.

Reduce players touching practice equipment, the handling of all training items, such as cones, flags, goals, etc. should be limited to coaches.

Communication Requirement
Make the CJSA Return to Soccer Activities COVID-19 Guidelines available to all your members. This can be accomplished by, Emailing, Prominently posting on Website, pointing to the most recent version on the CJSA Website.

Local Municipalities Restrictions
Some local municipalities may implement more restrictive protocols that must be followed

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