Crowborough Panto 2019: Be part of the crew/admin team
Crowborough panto needs your help! The panto needs volunteers to crew and admin the production.
The Crowborough Players' committee are asking for people to take on crew and admin roles to ensure the 2019 panto can run. There are around 30 crew/admin roles to make the panto run. Many of these roles need to be filled before the end of June, or the panto can’t happen.
If you enjoy being part of the panto or watching the panto and want to ensure it runs this year, or if you've never seen it but want to be involved in a fun community event, please do volunteer for a crew or admin role. Many crew or admin roles are compatible with being on stage, while many do not require being at rehearsals or being anywhere near the stage at all!

Do check out the Panto crew and admin roles document before filling in this survey:

Thank you.

The Crowborough Players Committee
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Will you be aged between 12 and 18 on the 13th December 2019? *
Are you, or your child, already a member of the Crow Players? *
What crew or admin roles are you interested in? *
How committed are you to being part of the crew/admin team? *
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100% sure on committing
Are you free for meetings and rehearsals Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings?  (*) See Panto crew and admin roles document for info. *
Can you come to the fit-ups, Run-through, Tech Rehearsal, Dry Tech Rehearsal, and Dress Rehearsal? (*) See Panto crew and admin roles document for info. *
Anything you want to suggest? Any concerns about what might get in the way of being in the crew/admin team? Any experience you can bring to the team? (This is not a requirement but useful to know!)
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