6-Pack Ring Recycling
The best way to tackle plastic pollution is by reducing the amount of plastic we produce and use. Solutions may not be easy to find or to implement, but many are already doing so - and that is great news!

However, we need a solution for the plastics already in use and the best solution for those is to either reuse or recycle them. Reuse helps extend the life of materials and if it can be done, is the way to go.

We value reuse projects for two basic reasons:
1. We are not using new materials for the same project. If the project will happen anyway, it will be better to reuse materials if we can.
2. Because projects not only extend the life of materials but also have an impact on the community since they are normally connected to education, art, awareness, charity (e.g. helping underprivileged members of a community), and other actions that will directly or indirectly benefit the environment.

The third option is to recycle, but unfortunately, not all plastic is recyclable. We need to look for recycling solutions for the different materials and get the word out to have people involved, participating and helping make greater impact.

That's what we did in regards to plastic rings and we would like to gather as many participants as possible throughout Brevard - be them individuals, groups, schools, communities, organizations, or businesses. We welcome everyone!

We hope you consider joining us in removing plastic 6-pack rings from our environment and recycling them instead. Participating in this program is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Sign up using this online form to participate in this program and receive a FREE-SHIPPING label
2. Collect your plastic 6-pack rings in a box
3. When the box is full, seal it, print and attach the free-shipping label and drop off the box at your local post office.

And you are done and ready to start from 2 again.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@RecycleBrevard.org

Thank you.

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