Rainbow Letters to Mother Earth: Children's Group Book Project***
If you'd like to help us to open the door for an honest and authentic expression of emotions through the "Rainbow Letters to Mother Earth" and help empower strong, confident and emotionally resilient children - we would love to hear from you!

There are multiple ways for us adults and young children to create a culture of kindness - collectively - where compassion, connection, communication and collaboration are the driving forces in our open-hearted relationships at home, at school, in our rapport with the elements and everything our planet provides to us, that's a part of the message that we want to leave the reader with.

If you have a personal message of Compassion, Action, Magic and Hope that can inspire the reader then please submit your letter here*.

TIPS: Aim to share your connection with your favourite colour (at the age and stage you are in whilst being involved with this book project), how it makes you feel and the way you see its relationship with the environment and Mother Earth.

* Your Rainbow Letter will be due for submission by 5.00pm (UK time) on 9th March 2020

** The cost for your child to join the group book project is £79.00 includes editing, proofreading, publishing, marketing & promotion.

*** A SPECIAL Xmas PACKAGE OFFER ends 31st December 2019

**** To honour action takers, ChriSOULa will offer a special masterclass "Your Personal Colour and Number in 2020". You will need to provide your date of birth (day/ month/ year e.g. 23.11.2001). In order to qualify, all the entries must reach us no later than 31st Dec 2019. More details will be shared in due course.


Your entry is confirmed with your payment. Please note your payment needs to be in £ British Pounds (GBP).

*** Please choose from standard fee at £79.00 (entry per child) or save 30% when signing up two children at £56.00 per child. Payment needs to reach us as soon as possible and by 31st December 2019 to secure your child's place in the book.

For an adult who wishes to co-author in the book, the standard fee is £178.00.
When you sign up and make your payment in GBP by 31st December 2019, the sign up fee is £125.00 (you save 30%).

Go ahead and secure your place and become part of something bigger than yourself!


It includes all the professional behind-the-scenes work to turn their submission into a page in the next group book:
- Professional editorial services and proof reading will be carried out by Susan Brookes, founder of Positive Publicity, who was also the editor of our first award-winning group anthology "The Book of Soulful Musings: Live LIFE with Love Intention Flow Ease"
- Design work in colour (a mix of professional photography and colourful illustrations)
- Publishing (paperback and e-book) is fully taken care of by us
- Promotional activity and Marketing
- And any relevant professional services to bring the book to life.

We love giving back to the community.
The 'Rainbow Letters to Mother Earth' book project will be sponsoring a range of WHOLISTIC Colour Therapy emotional resilience workshops in schools across the UK under our 'Rainbow Warriors' campaign in 2020.

Please note - the submission fee does not include a free book. The book will be available to purchase in paperback and Kindle on Amazon once launched. Also, we are unable to make refunds. Please be sure you want to take part before sending money.


Once you have made payment and filled in the sign up form below (there are two sections), you will also asked to fill in the author contract - we will send you a copy via email. This covers the legalities of us publishing your child's work and makes sure you are happy for us to do so.

"Rainbow Letters" submissions are due by 5pm (UK time) on 9th March 2020.
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