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Holmertz-Parsons CPAs is welcoming new clients. New clients who wish us to prepare a personal income tax return should expect to pay a minimum of $400. We do give discounts for dependent children of parents that are clients. New clients who have a Partnership, S corporation, C Corporation, or Trust return should expect to pay a minimum of $1,000 for this type of return (please be advised this is strictly for return preparation, bookkeeping services are an additional fee if needed to compile numbers for your return). We provide payroll services, bookkeeping, tax consulting and similar services on a monthly or quarterly basis. If we onboard you as a client, we will give you a quote based on the services you need. Please fill out and answer everything below completely, and we will contact you within a few business days to determine if you are a good fit for our firm.
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How did you hear about us? Did somebody refer you? Please be specific. *
Do you have a business? If you do please tell us about it. Is it a sole-proprietorship, partnership, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Non-Profit, etc. What does your business do? Please provide your estimated gross receipts (total business income) for the most recent year. Do you have employees or issue 1099-MISC/NEC at year end? More details help us greatly. *
Tell us about your personal tax return, is all your income from IL sources, what are your sources of income: wages, rentals, brokerage accounts, dividends, cryptocurrency, side businesses or limited self employment outside your day to day job. If you have any odd tax situation please detail that here. *
Why are you looking for a new accountant, please be specific. Give the name of your current or prior accountant. Please answer completely so that we can serve you adequately. If you become a client we will require 2 years previous tax return copies for our review. Let us know the circumstances that have led to you seeking someone new. *
Did anything unusual happen this last year that will impact your tax situation such as a birth, marriage, death, retirement, new business/farm, sale of real estate. The more we know the better we can serve you. *
Are you willing to file a tax return under extension in order to file a complete and correct return? *
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