ExOp Mission Redux
Today's funders prefer focused missions based on social change and social problem-solving, and during the recent US Board meeting, we agreed to revisit the ExOp mission in light of some of the changes in funding trends over the last 20 years or so. This survey attempts to understand how we think about what it is that ExOp does in the world. We may choose to change our mission as a result or simply use responses to better guide our decision-making.
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What is your primary association with Expanding Opportunities (ExOp)?
What is it about Expanding Opportunities that is meaningful to you? Why did you get involved? *
Think about Camp Forest, JWHS, Aina Moja, and the Gordon Clem Study Center (ExOp's core programs)... what is it that you feel unites these projects? *
If you had to summarize Expanding Opportunities' mission in 25 words or less, how would you describe it? *
Why is the mission you described important? *
What is the niche that we fill and why are we the best one to fill it? *
Of ExOp's projects below, which would you eliminate if you wanted to better align ExOp's projects with ExOp's overall mission? *
Why? *
Of ExOp's projects, are there any that you feel mostly contribute to intermediary goals (e.g. fundraising) rather than to the ultimate mission you stated above? *
Please provide any other mission-related comments that were not addressed above.
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