Invite your MP to ... the BIG Climate Teach-In

Organised for Friday 16th April at 10:30 am.

The hour long event will explore the climate crisis, our relationship with nature, lifestyle choices, climate anxiety and most importantly how education can respond.

Follow the instructions below to invite your MP to join you and fellow teachers, parents and students in an online classroom to foster relationships and build knowledge.

Please fill in the form below to help us keep track of who's been invited.

Thanks! x
Paul - Teachers For Climate Action
Step 1) Use this website to find your MPs email address.
My MP is ...
Step 2) Use the template linked here to write an email inviting your MP. (towards the bottom of the linked page)
Step 3) Send the email and BCC Tom Froggatt from Hope For the Future
Step 5) Share the link to these instructions on social media
Visit to be overwhelmed with more ideas of how to take climate action now.

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