"Kindness Clubs" Community Groups
We are formulating a model for Kindness Clubs, which parents would organize and hold in their communities. It may be helpful to think of this as a "scouting" model group, but all about kindness. Each group would meet as often as works for the members (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.), and all the groups would be invited to gather once a month for a couple hours of family community service and connections.

If this appeals to you, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the possibilities we are considering!
What THREE themes would be most appealing to you in a Kindness Club?
What tools and support do you currently have to raise "caring and courageous kids?"
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How often would your family be interested in/ able to attend a Kindness Club in your neighborhood?
Would you be interested in "leading" a group (if all materials, curriculum, and ideas are provided)?
Would you be interested in a group where parents attend, or drop the children off?
Would you be interested in a group where parents share the responsibility of hosting and leading the group, rotating who leads the activities each week?
Which age group(s) would you be interested in?
If you'd be interested in learning more about this program when it launches, you can provide your email here:
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Do you live in the Greater Seattle Area?
Any additional comments?
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