Board Member Application
On behalf of everyone at the Emporia-Greensville Recreation Association, thank you so
much for your interest in our board. We know that those with an interest in being a
volunteer have many choices  in an array of remarkable organizations in our community. We are
appreciative that you are interested in us.

The following application offers us an opportunity to know more about you, your skills,
attributes and what you would bring to our board. It also gives you a sense of what matters to
us in any board candidate. The goal of our process is to determine your level of commitment and ability to serve as a board member so that you can help us increase the scope and impact of our work. We also want to know what motivates you so that we can help create an excellent board experience for you as well. Thank you again for your interest in our work and for taking the time to complete this application with thought and care. We look forward to reviewing it.
Please be advised that all board members must complete a background check upon being accepted as a board member. Also, by submitting this form, you are not guaranteed a position on the board. Your application will remain on file (for one year after date of submission) with our organization and if you are selected, we will contact you. 
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Why would you like to become EGRA board member? Those committed to volunteering in a leadership capacity have an abundance of organizations to choose from. We appreciate your interest in EGRA and would like to hear more.  Please share your motivation and what it is about our work that has led you to want to serve on our board.  *
What skills or attributes do you feel that you can bring to the EGRA as a board member?  *
Board service is a true commitment of time and energy. Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings and volunteer a certain amount of hours with EGRA programs/activities. In addition, board members are asked to serve on various committees. 

Do you have any concerns or potential conflicts that may interfere with your commitment to the EGRA board? If so, how will you manage your time so that you can effectively serve as a board member? 
By checking the box below, I acknowledge that the following application does not guarantee a position on the EGRA board and is only my intent to serve.

I understand that my application will be kept on file for up to one year after submission and will be reviewed by the EGRA board in the event a board position becomes available. 
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