Loon Lakes feedback
Thank you for taking a few minutes to help make Version 2 of Loon Lakes a better map! If you have any feedback that is not specifically addressed, please use the last answer box.
How many games have you played on Loon Lakes?
What is your approximate Snellman rating?
To you, what makes Loon Lakes unique compared to the three official maps?
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What is one aspect of Loon Lakes that you like or appreciate most?
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Overall, do you enjoy Loon Lakes...?
How often have you tried Loon Lakes with...
2-3 times
4+ times
2 players
3 players
4 players
5 players
How many players would you recommend for Loon Lakes?
Note: multiple choices allowed
What faction, in your opinion, is *most fun* on Loon Lakes?
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What faction seems worst on Loon Lakes?
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Please share any concerns you have about specific factions or colors:
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Other than specific factions, what is one aspect of the game that becomes more valuable on Loon Lakes than on official maps? (e.g. particular bonuses, favors, power actions, resources, etc.)
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Which of these do you feel should be changed for the next version of the map?
Definitely needs to be changed (high priority)
Possibly could get changed, if convenient (low priority)
Not needed at all
Reduce blue access to center lake (nerf)
Improve green starting dwelling options (buff)
Improve green town sites/leeching (buff)
Reduce yellow shipping access (nerf)
Improve brown starting dwelling options (buff)
Thicker land masses / more neighbors
Easier connections between east and west
Any other ideas, comments, or feedback you'd like to share:
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