2020 Virtual Africa Science Buskers Festival
Make sure you’ve read all the information and have uploaded your presentation or project video to the WanaTV platform. Here is the link to WanaTV platform (http://wana.guru/), click on the Science Buskers Festival upload button and sign up to upload your video. Copy the link video link or title and insert it when you complete this form. You can register more than one project.
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Publicity Release Section (To be signed by parent/guardian) - We, the Africa Science Buskers Festival participant and parent/guardian, hereby authorise and grant permission to Zimbabwe Science Fair, WanaTV and other current or future sponsoring organisations and businesses of Africa Science Buskers Festival and their employees, agents, contractors, assignees, and/or designees (collectively, “Africa Science Buskers Parties”), the absolute,irrevocable, and unrestricted right (1) to interview, videotape, and/or otherwise record the me (the participant); (2) to display, publish,re-publish, broadcast, reproduce, edit, modify, adapt, distribute, sell, license, transmit, assign, prepare derivative works of,and otherwise use and re-use my interview, quotes,video, photograph, likeness or image, in whole or in part, alone or in compilations, in all languages and in all formats and media (including print, broadcast, electronic, digital, online, and other media to be conceived or developed) and by any method, device, or process, and through any channels, now known or later conceived or developed, and for any business purpose without restriction, including for education, illustration, promotion,publicity, art, editorial, commercial, advertising and trade purposes; (3) to use my name in connection therewith in the sole discretion of Zimbabwe Science Fair; and (4) to copyright my interview, quotes, photograph, likeness or image in the name of the Zimbabwe Science Fair and Africa Science Buskers Festival. (Participant and parent/guardian to insert their names and date below) *
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