Canada Pride Call for Conversations, Workshops and Sessions Application Form
Title: Fierté Canada Pride. Français: Conférence nationale. English: National Conference .
Apply to present a workshop session during the 2020 Fierté Canada Pride Human Rights Conference.
This year's conference will be taking place May 27 to 29, 2020 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Please complete all of the fields below in order to submit your application. Your workshop will be considered by the Conference Planning Committee.

Application Deadline is Feb 10, 2020
Focus Areas for Workshops
Based on feedback from Canada Pride 2017 and our national conference Advisory Committee, we've identified the following focus areas for Workshop topics and presentations:

- Advancing Human Rights Struggles – cutting-edge and current human rights topics
- Crossing Generations – creating intergenerational dialogue and learning
- Creating Coalitions – building stronger coalitions within and between social justice movements
- Building International Solidarity – supporting global partnerships and dialogue
- Living Our Lives – enhancing community wellness and health

Additionally, we have four "advisory councils" that will help inform our decision-making and curate the content of our conference. There are six key populations for the conference. Workshop proposals are encouraged to consider how they can include or address topics that involve the following population groups:

- Trans, non-binary, gender-fluid people
- People of Colour
- Two-spirit and indigenous people
- Women
- Children & Youth
- Elders
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Session Information
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